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After years of sporadic creativity  I decided to join an oilpainting course. And so it began, an enthusiasm to paint more consistently was born! I took more and more courses and workshops from professional artists.
After a year or so, I took it to an other level. I quit my job and followed two years of education in drawing techniques at Wackers Academy of Art in Amsterdam. I continued with vocational training at the "Klassieke academie", an Academy of Art in Groningen. After three more years I graduated in classic oilpainting skills. 

My recent work involves small allaprima stillifes, painted from life and in restricted time. I started creating a painting a day as a daily practice. I consider a daily painting succesful when it has a pleasing colour composition and a good balance in dark and light.

My other work takes weeks or months to complete one painting. These figurative paintings are inspired by observations of contemporary lifes, and are both realistic and detached from reality. For more information about this work, I refer to my website www.ingepeeze.exto.nl.

Many thanks for visitting my gallery!